Kwik Fit and Knowledge Management: a morning in the life

A great experience this morning combining Kwik Fit Plus, observation windows, and Rhem KMAnthony Rhem’s Knowledge Management in Practice. Time for new tyres so off to Kwik Fit Plus Northampton 10 miles away, to beat the rush with a 9 am appointment

KM and the art of Car Driving

As I often do, musing on how experienced driving does mirror elements of knowledge management that I teach and use in helping organisations.

  • Data: what I’m reading on the dashboard
  • information: gantries telling me traffic conditions ahead
  • knowledge: anticipating that the car in front is driving too fast for the bend he can’t yet see

Kwik Fit Plus and team work

Lots of signs of team work and flexibility: staff in badged fleeces, receptionists Kwik Fit Plus Northampton

moving in and out of the service areas to keep communication going, able to answer my questions about the quality of the tyres I’m having fitted.



Serious KM Questions

Settle down to read The Case for Implementing Knowledge Management (Rhem, Anthony (2017) Knowledge Management in Practice. Boca Raton: CRC Press , pp 19-33). Like a lot of the book it’s an addictive read with sometimes a breathless pace and enough knowingly left unsaid to keep me engaged.

By the time I’ve read 6 pages I have some questions I’m desperate to find answers for (index annoyingly little help – in a book about KM!), and ideas for at least a couple of blog posts:

  • how close can we convincingly get to calculating ROI for KM? (always closer than I thought)
  • are that many KM initiatives software based?

Observation wall

To give the ideas a little settling time, I watch the Kwik Fit fitters through the observation wall.

A mesmerising mix of technology, process and humanity. A small screen tells each fitter what’s the next process (and prevents moving on until the last one is performed). Everything – tools, car, tyres, screen are ideally placed to keep the momentum up.

And I get a view of my car from the ground that bonds me better with the beast that I drive every day. I’m sure that kind of familiarisation speeds the adoption of information to useable knowledge!

The fitters are working in quite a small space, but never even look like in holding each other up. Each tyre goes on like the last one.

Job done.

My FocusI make up a mnemonic to remember the questions I want the answers. Back at the office. I know – I’ll write a blog post – it’s been a fruitful morning already of practical KM thinking…


Dion Lindsay
Real Knowledge Management (DLC Ltd)
07540 659255
01604 686797
twitter: @dionl

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