New public comments dates for British Standard on Knowledge Management

I promised in my last post about BS ISO 30401 Human resource management –Knowledge management system (2 September 2016) that I would blog with any updates I spot.

For most of the time since the draft ISO 30401 was passed to National Standards Organisations for review, the public comments start date has been showing on BSI Standards Development site as 08/02/2017, and finishing in April 2017.

In fact my great contact at BSI’s great Knowledge Centre has emailed me to let me know that was an error: it seems the date for release of the draft for Public Comments is 10 August 2017, with public comments closing on 11 October.

The publication date for the standard has been moved now to 5 September 2018.

So though the eagerly awaited release of the final, approved standard is put off by a few months, there will still be an opportunity for public comments, which we all thought had passed.

Here’s the link to the appropriate page on BSI’s website!

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